Resurrection Weekend Resources

Resurrection week is here! It reminds us our faith is one of HOPE for both now and what is to come.

We choose where we put out trust. And this weekend, celebration and hope will be our song! To pursue that together, here are some resources for you and your family:

+ A Reflective Walk Through the Events of Good Friday packet. Use this to reflect on what Christ did from the garden of Gethsemane to His death on the cross, best in solitude and silence. Consider scheduling a visit to the Monastic Trails.

+ Tenebrae Service Readings packet. Use this reading packet to do your own Tenebrae service at home or via video chat to reflect on the scriptures around Jesus’ crucifixion.

+ If you would rather, a video of Mark and Kathy Fesmire reading through the Tenebrae packet will be available on Facebook, Friday at 3pm.

+ Download 2 posters created by Cathy Grigsby to remind us to pray during this time. Poster 1 link. Poster 2 link.

+ Original music by the Grace worship ministry is available here.

Lastly, make sure to join us for our Resurrection weekend online gathering! Mark and a couple others will be hiking up Sharp Top to see the sunrise and share it with you.

The video will premiere on our Facebook page, Sunday, APR 12, at 6:46am (at sunrise) and include teaching from Mark and songs of worship from the Grace worship ministry. If 6:46am is too early, the video will be available to watch immediately after it premieres.

Then at 10am, Don and Kenny will be leading Online Groups to hangout and discuss the message if you’d like to join them.

See you online Grace!

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