Grace meets in two primary “forms”. The first is what we most often think of as “going to church”. It is our Sunday morning worship service that begins at 10:00 am and goes till 11:30. If you come to that service you will find casually-dressed people, a worship style that includes contemporary music (some written by members of our own church), instruction from the Bible and an opportunity to connect with other people.

The second “form” Grace’s meetings take is what we call a “Life Group”. These are small groups of people who meet regularly to worship, pray, sometimes sharing a meal together. The idea is to invite people into relationship with Jesus in community. A Life Group is just one of the forms that our “kingdom communities” take. You can read more about our Life Groups by going here.

There are other times people meet during each month at Grace, but most of these happen organically as people within Grace develop visions and plans to achieve them.