Life comes at us hard. Many of us can attest to just feeling “busy”…all the time. It is easy to let the pace of the activities and commitments in our lives squeeze out the important things. Sometimes this is referred to as the “tyranny of the urgent”. All the “urgent” things keep us so busy we fail to slow down with Jesus, slow down with family and to slow down with people in our community.

One of the ways to avoid this trap is to take a look at your commitments in a 3 month block. Plan some open days or evenings just for family or just for a date as a couple. Leave room to take care of house chores. Plan some time to initiate with people you want to get to know. This calendar doesn’t have to become a binding contract. You can change it in the future. But if you block out some time for the important things ahead of time, you will be less likely to say yes to some less important things in the future.

Jesus didn’t call us to be busy. He called us to follow him. Give yourself the room to do so.

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